David Beermann is a Designer of Things.

The term refers to his position at the intersection of art, design and technology. His interests span media theory, programming, electronics, craftsmanship, and online and product design. His wide spectrum of interests are fuelled by his autodidactic abilities. He says of his work, Curiosity is my job.

His latest projects are influenced by his excursion back to university — namely to the University of the Arts Bremen — where he's attaining a Master of Arts in Digital Media. Apart from being infused with inspiration and new skills he also discovered his passion for teaching others. David approaches and applies technology from a creative standpoint. Although he was trained and worked professionally as a programmer and online designer David loves to get his hands dirty in the process of creation. In the workshop where there is no CMD+z his overall conceptual and creative process which is more systematic than decorative shows.

Prior to his current focus David worked as a freelance designer and application developer under the synonym Bildschirmsport which he still maintains as a side business for his online design and development services.